Vinilica Vol.31 – DOLA

After his debut with the two EPs “SNLRNZ01” and “SNLRNZ02”, which are inspired by the Roman quarter of San Lorenzo, and the hit single “Shampoo” released on November 11 of this year, DOLA is preparing for the release of his debut album that will take place in 2019.

DOLA, born in Casalvieri in the province of Frosinone, is part of the team of the record company Undamento, which has names such as Frah Quintale, Coez, Dutch Nazari, Ceri, and for some years has distinguished itself in the Italian music scene.
Over the years he has developed a very personal style that travels between the lysergic singer-songwriter, electronics, and DIY attitude. This collision of genres can be found in the single Shampoo, but also in the musical choices he made by creating an ad hoc playlist for our Vinilica column.

Before listening to it, read what DOLA himself told us:

“I like when I find things in common between very different musicians.
So I started with the first song and made a totally random playlist where each song reminds me of the next one.
Making a record like this would be nice.
(In the end, I stopped at 30 but now I’m going to make it big.
The playlist.)”

If you have lost Vinilica Vol.30 read it HERE.

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PH: Tommaso Biagetti

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