Vinilica Vol. 33 – Ginevra

Another week, another “Vinilica” playlist.
On this new episode you can listen to the music selection made by Ginevra, a singer / songwriter from Turin who dropped her beautiful debut EP called “Ruins” via Factory Flaws last month.

We were empressed by the aesthetics as well as by the songwriting of this project: the art director and photographer Tommaso Ottomano (Gucci, Baustelle, Missoni) helped steer the EP to a delicate and personal atmosphere.

Ginevra describes her debut as “an internal monologue confessed to the listener” and we invite you to listen to it with open hearts:

Then, here’s a passionate playlist made by Ginevra which features the most significant songs of her life:

Here are some artists and songs that were significant to me. There are many others (also italians), but these in particular have built musical worlds in which I totally immersed myself. That’s how I unconsciously discovered parts of myself and my music. In their uniqueness, they all look like united by a visceral, at times obscure, element that pushed them to express themselves in this way. Here is a part of my world. Good listening, Ginevra”.

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