Vinilica Vol. 42 – Tananai

Giulia Pacciardi · 4 years ago
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Tananai aka Alberto Cotta Ramusino is the artist born in 1995 in Lambrate who, since early 2019, has managed to break into at least one Spotify playlist with most of his singles, including Indie Italia, Graffiti Pop, New Music Friday and Scuola Indie.

Author and producer of all his songs, “Volersi Male”, “Ichnusa” and “Bear Grylls”, Tananai has just released his latest work entitled “Calcutta”. Released on September 26th, this single also plays with the immediacy of a sarcastic and sincere language that perfectly describes everyday situations in which it is easy to identify.

“Se potessi scrivere un po’ meglio
Di come faccio Probabilmente sarei Calcutta
E se potessi giocare un po’ meglio
Col pallone adesso Probabilmente sarei Esteban Cambiasso…”

An ironic and conscious statement by an emerging artist who dreams of becoming a great one.

We asked Tananai, a stage name given to him by his grandfather, who comes from a dialectal term whose meaning is noisy, to create a playlist for us and to tell us the reason for his musical choices.

“I don’t think my songs have a common thread, this is certainly not a playlist that follows a concept or a scheme. Simply, I listen to everything that I think is beautiful or at least interesting, in short, what stimulates me. Inside you can find a bit of everything so… let’s say that it’s not the perfect playlist to put in the background while you’re in bed together because anything can start! From the chill Bossanova piece to the post-punk one. I often update this playlist. Inside is simply what inspires me.“

Enjoy your listening!

PH: Chilldays (Bogi Plakov).

Vinilica Vol. 42 – Tananai
Vinilica Vol. 42 – Tananai
Vinilica Vol. 42 – Tananai
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