Vinilica Vol. 44 – 72-HOUR POST FIGHT

Claudia Maddaluno · 4 years ago

We’ve already asked you if you know the 72-hour post fight but now we have another question to ask:

Last Friday the project born from the collaboration between Carlo Luciano Porrini (Fight Pausa) and Luca Bolognesi (Palazzi D’Oriente) has released a new remix album in which each track of their debut was reworked by a different producer.

In the 72-HOUR POST FIGHT REMIX‘s tracklist we read the names of Cooly G, Lamusa II, Riva, WeightausendWufAyce Bio & Prev, Ben Vince and Yakamoto Kotzuga, so the result can only be amazing.

We asked 72HPF to create a playlist for Vinilica with their recent listenings:

Adalberto has just left for Amsterdam, Andrea and Carlo are recording some albums, Luca is in Maccagno. This month we haven’t seen each other a lot, so the playlist includes some nostalgic songs we listened to together during the last summer tour. Thank goodness our new tour starts shortly.”

Vinilica Vol. 44 – 72-HOUR POST FIGHT
Vinilica Vol. 44 – 72-HOUR POST FIGHT
Vinilica Vol. 44 – 72-HOUR POST FIGHT
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