Vinilica vol. 57 – SUPERFLUUUO

Vinilica vol. 57 – SUPERFLUUUO

Emanuele D'Angelo

“An indistinct colourful crowd of creatures moor off the digital sea. With them they bring tales of upside-down descents and close encounters, of years spent in moon traffic on the ring road. Now the feast is well deserved and the landing of a justified euphoria, just enough time to settle down for a moment and leave immediately for the next chapter”.

SUPERFLUUO is: Edoardo Castroni, Giovanni Calaudi, Teodoro Giambanco. Anticipated by Formiche, on May 29th Super-ep is the debut EP of SUPERFLUUO. Four tracks that make up the EP synth-pop and lo-fi intertwine in a persuasive and filtered musical current, on which rests a text and an imaginary that evokes a continuous and hypnotic feast for eyes and ears, in which everything is mixed and no one is excluded.

SUPERFLUUUO is an audiovisual project DIY (Do It Yourself) constantly out of the conventional, something new, never seen, that brings a bit of freshness to the Italian music scene.

As always, besides recommending you to listen to the EP, the colorful Italian band exclusively for Mag has created the playlist with all its influences.

SUPERFLUUUO is often found in universal playrooms with coloured lights whose perimeter is traced by worn megaphones that have been reproducing for about 127 years this collection of ringtones taken from a bionic arm and dropped into a container. The result is a repetition of sounds and voices floating indiscriminately in our heads, converting what could have been a musical influence into hypnosis.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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