Music Vinilica vol. 86 – Angelica

Vinilica vol. 86 – Angelica

Emanuele D'Angelo

Anticipated by the singles “C’est Fantastique”, “Il momento giusto” and “L’ultimo bicchiere”, Angelica’s new album, “Storie di un appuntamento”, has finally arrived.

Angelica, born Angelica Schiatti, is a singer-songwriter from Monza, her love for music explodes very early, everything starts at the age of 12 when she receives a radio as a gift from her parents.
That radio was able to ignite the flame of her passion for music, which will never be extinguished.

Storie di un appuntamento” is a compendium of joys and fears but also of expectations and disappointments, hopes and memories. Angelica’s album is reminiscent of the pages of a diary that tell of the importance of learning to look at oneself in the mirror, recognizing one’s own frailties in order to overcome them, accepting oneself for who one is.

Eight tracks that blend in retro atmospheres ranging from lo-fi of “Comodini” to the pop of “Karma” passing through dreamy and dreamy atmospheres to more electronic and danceable moments, which draw from funk.

The result is a well-structured album, with a fresh sound and never boring with intimate and visceral tracks but able to give a special lightness, which is not superficiality but the absence of heaviness and rigidity.

We certainly can’t miss the playlist that Angelica has created exclusively for Mag with all her influences to take us deeper and deeper into “Storie di un appuntamento”.

These songs make me travel in both space and time, the sounds are dilated and also dilate my feelings when I listen to them. At a time like this I think it’s crucial to find alternative ways to travel.

Photo credit: Ambra Parola 

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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