Music Vinilica vol. 94 – RGB prisma

Vinilica vol. 94 – RGB prisma

Emanuele D'Angelo
RGB prisma |

Alone they are simply Stefano De Vivo and Claudio La Rocca but together they form the “RGB prisma”, a duo that will make you discover a new world of sound open to infinite possibilities.

Female and male voices mix with the transverse flute, with guitars and cold synths, last Friday was released their first album “Lorem Ipsum”. A cheeky record, which is not afraid to put itself on the line and you can see it from the first track, until you put the exclamation point with the last track, the title track of the album.

The album is titled just like the placeholder text used by graphic artists and designers as a filler for sketches and graphic tests, “Lorem Ipsum” is also this, it is the duo’s manifesto project that presents itself to everyone in a new, renewed and never tiring guise.

Over the years the duo has collaborated with several artists in the production of various records. Experiences that have allowed them to build a musical synergy that leads them to trust each other and to continue to explore the terrain of experimentation, leaving their comfort zone, in a continuous back to back of sounds, atmospheres and colors.

A debut album well made, well structured, where you can get lost among synths, guitars, percussions and voices that manage to create a set of images and feelings in which everyone is free to see different landscapes and new illusions.

And as always in exclusive for Mag could not miss the playlist that RGB prisma have created exclusively for us with all their musical influences, have a good trip!

“These tracks don’t only tell about the birth of Lorem Ipsum, but they talk about a friendship, about hours of driving on tour singing and discovering new artists, about an infinite number of anecdotes and about an expressive need that we couldn’t keep inside anymore. Each piece is tied to a memory and has been an inspiration for our world that we can’t wait to let you into.”

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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