Music Vinilica vol. 97 – VV

Vinilica vol. 97 – VV

Emanuele D'Angelo
VV |

Her songs are delicate and sincere, a bit like her, somehow we could say that they reflect her in every way. Let’s talk about VV, Milanese singer-songwriter and producer who last Friday released her first EP “VƎRSO” for Maciste dischi.

In the scene she managed to get noticed right away for her intimate and brilliant writing, where lo-fi bedroom meets neo-psychedelia and dream pop, creating a plot that maintains a peculiar night atmosphere, almost twilight.

“Verso is not a direction, but a dimension within which everything is constantly evolving. Verso is printed on my face: it is my face, transfigured, as art transfigures reality. Each track is a journey into my world, that of a girl who grew up according to rules that are now narrow to her, ready to follow her own.”

We are sure that these six tracks will keep you good company: from “Oh No!”, a song about the estrangement from a close person in whom the artist no longer recognizes herself, to “Non ti vedo più”, the melancholic greeting to a tormented teenage self, VV maintains her authenticity and we are sure she will enchant you.

And now, as always, you can not miss the classic playlist compiled by VV for Mag, to try to learn more about her and all her influences.

In my playlist-music blend, you must never miss the bass that inspired me more than any other in “The Less I Know The Better”, some lofi rot from a Joji who was still Pink Guy, Mac De Marco’s guitars and the scratch of some Italian female artists who stole my heart, MGMT’s synths and Drake’s Groove, shake a little and my ears usually explode.”

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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