Art VOTE, the new TIME’s cover by OBEY

VOTE, the new TIME’s cover by OBEY

Federica Cimorelli

For the first time in almost 100 years of history, the famous American weekly magazine TIME has replaced its logo to make room for a stronger and more consistent message: VOTE.
This unprecedented event coincides with the U.S.A. presidential election that will begin on November 3, when Donald Trump will face Joe Biden.


Voting is a fundamental right and by law it’s a civic duty, but the United States of America is one of the democratic countries with the lowest turnout in the world.
In recent weeks there have been many campaigns to encourage to vote and in this framework also TIME wanted to make its contribution. Few events in fact will shape the world more than the result of the next American presidential elections, for this reason it is essential that everyone expresses their political preference.

One of America’s most famous poster artists, Shepard Fairey, aka OBEY, was called to create the cover of the publication on sale from November 2 to 9. On we talked about his story a few years ago for the release of his documentary (here), but if you don’t remember, I’ll refresh your memory a bit.

Born as an illustrator, graphic designer and urban artist, Shepard Fairey is one of the leading creatives on the international art scene. His unmistakable style, mixed between pop art and writing, is always added an activist and revolutionary approach that increases the meaning of his works and binds them to ideals of dissent and denunciation.

His most famous work is the one made in 2008 on the occasion of the presidential elections that saw the clash between Barack Obama and John McCain. Designed in a day, the poster with Obama’s face was born as a message of independent propaganda, but became so iconic that it was officially included in the presidential campaign.


For a similar occasion, just over ten years later, OBEY is involved again.
The image created for TIME’s cover takes a photograph from the “Artist Band Together” campaign, an initiative in support of education, registration and voter mobilization programs, which wants to encourage all American citizens to increase the turnout.

Created for the occasion by OBEY, the artwork uses the two iconic colors of the Republican and the Democratic Party: red and blue.
The image sees a girl wearing a bandana over her nose and mouth and wants to celebrate the set of voices that make up the American voters. The interweaving of her design shows how everything is connected: the vote, democracy, the environment and our future.

The original bandana, entitled “Our Hands – Our Future, 2020”, is for sale on eBay until November 1, 2020. Its purchase will support a fundraiser for Mijente, Rise and Woke Vote, three charities working to orient young people, novice voters and black communities historically without voting rights. 

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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