Art Weird Euros, 20 artist coasters for UEFA Euro 2020

Weird Euros, 20 artist coasters for UEFA Euro 2020

Federica Cimorelli
Weird Euros |

Weird Euros is a charity project started in 2018 by an idea from Gordon Reid and Callum Stephenson. The aim was to involve a number of international artists to bring custom coasters to life and raise money for a number of non-profit football charities. After a period of stalling, the project has restarted bigger than ever, ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020 championship, rescheduled for June 2021.

For the occasion, 20 international artists, emerging and not, contributed with their art illustrating the strangest and funniest moments in the history of football. The purpose was not only to share the love for this sport with the most passionate fans and to raise funds, but also to recover two things lost in the last year: the European championship and drinking in company.

David Shrigley, Chris Simpson, Pentagram, Robyn Nicol, Israel Kujore, Isobel Mehta, Genie Espinosa, Dan Woodger, Ben Tallon, Maaike van Neck, David Oku, Raj Dhunna, Jack Renwick Studio, Aleesha Nandra, Hey Studio, Mina Owen, Bratislav Milenkovic, Justin Poulter, Marcos Møller Bitsch and Kill Cooper from Cool Shit. They are the artists involved in the project. Each of them followed a list of events from the history of football, giving their own stylistic interpretation and recounting iconic moments with irony and creativity.

This is how David Shrigley illustrated the consequences of Basile Boli’s header to Stuart Pearce. Ben Tallon drew Paul The Octopus, the octopus who predicted the results of matches. Mina Owen parodied the moment when David Beckham blamed the pitch for missed penalties. Chris Simpson told of “Gazza’s dentist chair”, the bizarre celebration of Paul Gascoigne. And then Marcus Møller Bitsch depicted Danish footballer John “Faxe” Jenson and Israel Kujore presented a topless Mario Balotelli immortalised as an action figure, to name but a few.

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Check out some pictures of the available coasters here, pre-order them on the official Weird Euros website and support the non-profit associations FC Not Alone and Goals 4 Girls chosen by the Adidas Football Collective – the project to make the game more accessible to all.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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