Art WISH YOU WHERE HERE, Italian comics support live music

WISH YOU WHERE HERE, Italian comics support live music

Federica Cimorelli

In Italy, for over a year now, we have all been anxiously waiting to get back to dancing and singing under a stage, to relive the rush of a concert and be overwhelmed by the all-encompassing energy of live music. While we wait for this to become possible very soon, we can continue to celebrate our love of music in different ways, for example by supporting the national entertainment industry in a concrete way.
The guys at This Is Not A Love Song have decided to combine music with comics and create an unprecedented art project to raise funds to support 10 live clubs nationwide. Their initiative is entitled WISH YOU WHERE HERE, just like the Pink Floyd song, and they asked 32 of the most active artists in the national comics production to create the tickets and posters for the 32 most epoch-making concerts in the history of live music.

The project is dedicated to the live concerts that have made history, concerts that we would all have liked to attend and that, partly due to oversight, partly due to distance and partly due to age, we have unfortunately missed. These include Queen in London in 1986, CCCP Fedeli alla linea in Florence in 1986, Nirvana in Mezzago in 1991 and Daft Punk in Chicago in 2007. And then those of David Bowie, De André + PFM, Smiths, Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam, Britney Spears, R.E.M. + Radiohead, Bikini Kill, Black Flag, Bruce Springsteen, Nina Simone and many others.

Each of these live events was entrusted to an artist who, interpreting the story and translating it into his or her personal style, created a card and an illustrated poster. Among them are Paolo Bacilieri, Hurricane Ivan, Testi Manifesti, Eliana Albertini, Ludovica Fantetti, Davide Bart Salvemini and Isabella Bersellini to name but a few.

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The works promote the real purpose for which the initiative was created, a crowdfunding in support of 10 live clubs in the country, located throughout the country from north to south. They are Hiroshima Mon Amour in Turin, Locomotiv Club in Bologna, Monk, Fanfulla and Trenta Formiche in Rome, The Cage in Livorno, Vidia in Cesena, Demodé in Bari, Bronson/Hana-Bi in Ravenna and Candelai in Palermo.

The fundraiser offers the possibility to buy different packages and various alternatives. In addition to the ticket, the poster and a suspended beer, you can also choose to extend your contribution by buying the shopper, the bag, the t-shirt and the VHS.
The aim of WISH YOU WHERE HERE, besides helping economically a reality that in the last year has experienced a great crisis, is also to reaffirm the indissoluble love that binds the comic with the show and human beings with the energy of music.

See some pictures of the project here and visit the Produzioni dal Basso website to access crowdfunding.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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