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Yosigo’s extraordinary daily

Giulia Tofi

When we start to be interested in photography and shooting, ambition leads us to want to make photographs that are beautiful to look at. It always happens, it happens to everyone. So begins the dogged pursuit of what is considered beautiful by definition. Some dedicate an entire career to this investigation and others need to go beyond the traditional concept of beauty to find new shades. Suddenly the question is no longer “what is beautiful?”, but “what makes it beautiful?”. A decisive question because it is here that a fundamental factor in photography comes into play, the sensitivity of each individual in capturing the beauty in a particular subject over another or, to return to the question posed earlier, in making one subject beautiful over another. And if you have picked up a camera at least once in your life, you will imagine how difficult it is to construct different levels of interpretation in a photograph, let alone if the subject in question belongs to our everyday life and is considered ordinary.

A challenge, but not for everyone. In fact, it only takes a moment to realize that for José Javier Serrano, aka Yosigo, it never was. This is because it is precisely in the places we have always lived and which our routine leads us to look at distractedly that he has found the ideal subjects for his artistic research. For him, it is La Concha beach in San Sebastián. A landmark for people like him who grew up on the north coast of Spain, but above all the place where it all began. It was there that Yosigo took his first steps in photography. And it was while remembering the poem written by his father that encouraged him to never stop and later inspired the name “Yosigo”, literally “go ahead“, that he realized that he had to end his career as a graphic designer and embark on his career as a photographer.

Today, that same beach and sea form the backdrop for most of his shots. This is because José Javier, with his photos, wants us to understand that it is not so much what we look at, but how we look at it, thus pushing us to change the way we see a place over time. Observing La Concha daily, he was able to deepen his investigation until he spotted repeating patterns: bathers on the seashore, children at play, swimmers, diving fanatics. That time then allowed him to discover that it is exactly where the land and the sea meet that people let go, showing who they really are and becoming more vulnerable.

So, day after day, those people who usually go unnoticed have become fundamental elements in Yosigo’s poetics and have found a place in his meticulous shots – undisputed children of his past as a graphic designer – where the balance between solids and voids is perfectly studied. Filmed alone or in groups, we see the bathers intertwine with the landscape they are momentarily invading, becoming spots of color in the blue of the sea and the ochre of the scorching sand.

What further characterized his photographs are the pastel colors that emphasize the formal qualities of the subjects and the use of light that transforms the La Concha beach from time to time. This mixture of colors and lights then gives rise to suspended atmospheres, beyond time, which lead the observer’s eyes to discover, hidden in the most common landscapes, an unseen beauty. The same that on the one hand faithfully portrays contemporary society, and on the other allows itself to be shaped by its personal perception of those spaces. And who knows, perhaps it is for this reason that the Spanish photographer confessed he could not get away from that beach, that sea.

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Written by Giulia Tofi
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