Design What is a zaisu chair?

What is a zaisu chair?

Anna Frattini

There is a Japanese brand that blends the traditional concept of the zaisu chair with the world of Pokémon; it’s called CELLUTANE, and their chairs look incredibly comfortable. The latest release from CELLUTANE brings Sizzlipede, a charming Pokémon, back to life in a chair that seems tailor-made for it. On the website of this Japanese brand, which is full of entertaining items and quite different from the design as we know it, they have also produced two other Pokémon-themed chairs. But what is a zaisu chair, and why does it seem so comfortable?

The zaisu (座椅子) chair

Essentially, the zaisu chair is a legless chair. It can be found in traditional Japanese rooms alongside the classic tatami. One sits on this chair in a specific position called seiza, which involves kneeling with all the weight resting on the lower legs, folded under the body. Typically, this sitting style is accompanied by kotatsu tables and can be found with or without a cushion, known as zabuton.

In the case of the zaisu created in collaboration with Pokémon, this appears to be the first chair of its kind produced by CELLUTANE. The zaisu can be adjusted in three points, folding to 42 degrees for a comfortable seat, 14 degrees for comfortably resting the head, and 11 degrees for the feet. In short, even though CELLUTANE doesn’t deliver outside of Japan, this fun chair inspires us to reconsider how we think about the concept of a chair, especially for children.

Written by Anna Frattini
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