Art “We will hug again”, Zalando Christmas commercial 2020

“We will hug again”, Zalando Christmas commercial 2020

Federica Cimorelli

A hug is love, is loss, is help, is pace, is trust, is courage, it’s the greatest expression of human connection, it’s solidarity. In recent times, however, it has been denied us.
After a hard year of uncertainty and distance, Zalando has decided to celebrate hug as a symbol of hope and optimism in its new Christmas commercial entitled “We will hug again”.

Created by the advertising agency Anomaly, “We will hug again” is a double campaign combining photos and videos, it’s a touching narrative that conveys optimism all over the world.

The first part of the campaign it’s a photographic project by Sarah Blais. Her portraits immortalize different couples of people who share similar stories of division and distance.
United at last in a hug, the protagonists of these shots tell their own experience, they remind us to have faith in the future and not to lose hope. 

Moreover, to spread the message, even more, Zalando has transformed some of these photographs into murals. Today they are visible in different urban spaces all over Europe.

For the second part of the campaign, Zalando involved music filmmaker Vincent Haycock in the direction of an advertising video clip. Shot between Nigeria, Vietnam, Italy, Mexico, Sweden and Germany and to the tune of Godspeed by Frank Ocean, this short film is an ode to life and human connection.

Never as in this historical period, where proximity and physical contact are limited, we feel the need to get closer to each other.

We will hug again

Watch it here.

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Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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