Design Design Week in Zurich lasts three weeks
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Design Week in Zurich lasts three weeks

Giorgia Massari

Zurich is gearing up to host the highly anticipated Zurich Design Weeks, scheduled from August 31 to September 19, 2023. Three long weeks during which over 60 diverse programs will take place, ranging from exhibitions to events, talks to guided tours. In contrast to what we are accustomed to with other Design Weeks, such as Milan’s, Zurich offers professionals and enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy the proposed events at a more leisurely pace, without having to rush across the city in just seven days, risking missing out on some stops and ending up with burnout.

With the pre-opening event scheduled for today, August 30th, this second edition promises a journey through design, culture, and innovation, offering a multifaceted exploration of this year’s overarching theme: Transition, with a capital T. This theme arrives at a crucial moment, as the world is undergoing complex changes and paradigm shifts. This thematic focus aims to capture the essence of transformation in various aspects of our lives, encouraging creators and the audience to embrace change with optimism and an open mind. The program encompasses various design disciplines, transitioning from analog to digital, from disposability to the circular economy, and from exclusion to inclusion.

Visual and tactile experiences are of utmost importance for the Zurich Design Weeks, and this is exemplified by the “Soft Walls” installation at the Museum für Gestaltung. Created by artists Marie Schumann and Simone Züger, this textile installation transforms the museum’s facade into a soft and fluid outer shell. The interaction between the delicate fabrics and the architecture invites contemplation on the interface between art and design.

Atelier Landolt Pfister, BlueBox – Luca Zanier

In the coming days, we’ll be keeping an eye on all the events, presented products, and installations to help you discover a bit more about the Swiss design scene. Will it be just good intentions, or will there also be some brilliant projects?

Designdesign weekproduct design
Written by Giorgia Massari
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