Design Konstantin Ikonomidis’ glass pavilion overlooking the fjords 

Konstantin Ikonomidis’ glass pavilion overlooking the fjords 

Giulia Guido

In our cities we are used to seeing new buildings and architecture that sacrifice aesthetics and their impact on the environment in favor of functionality and convenience. Fortunately, there are professionals and architects who base their work on those aspects that are often forgotten.
One of these is certainly Konstantin Ikonomidis, Swedish architect and founder of Konstantin Arkitekter studio. His work aims precisely at merging architecture, art, environment and scientific research into a single thing. 

His projects are deeply linked to the places where they come to life and the climatic conditions: after graduating in 2014, he worked on the design of housing solutions for different areas of sub-Saharan Africa, where in addition to the heat, diseases cannot be ignored. 

His latest work, however, has taken him to a place that is just the opposite of Africa, namely Greenland. Here, specifically in Sarfannguit (a UNESCO heritage site), last fall he completed the Qaammat pavilion, on which he worked for about two years. 

On the top of one of the rocky hills that characterize the landscape and that overlook the fjord, Konstantin Ikonomidis has anchored to the ground a structure composed of two semi-circular walls that form a kind of turret that has two openings, one that can be used to access the interior of the structure and one that frames the view. 

In addition to the structural elements that are made of rock and metal, the bricks that make up the walls are completely made of glass. This is the main feature of the Qaammat Pavilion: the glass creates a play of transparencies changing the appearance of the structure according to the point from which it is viewed, sometimes taking the colors of the sea, other times the warm shades of the rock illuminated by the sun, other times the pink tones of the sunset. 

The Qaammat Pavilion thus becomes a part of the landscape, merging with it. 

PH: Julien Lanoo 

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