Breaking News, media and politics in Filippo Fontana’s illustrations

10 September 2019

Breaking News is the latest work by Italian illustrator Filippo Fontana dedicated to international politics and to the way in which the media tell it.

We talked about young Italian illustrator Filippo Fontana a few months ago because of Void, a project dedicated to the current Italian pop culture.
This time, however, we want to talk to you about his latest project: Breaking News.

The 10 tables of the new project faithfully reproduce the most controversial political events of each state chosen by the artist, also from the point of view of media and information.
It begins with Italy, England, France, and Russia and then arrives in America, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Israel.
Each table, in addition to the name of the newspaper, reports the current political situation of the state to which it refers summarized in its most heated debates. 

“The intention of the project is to represent a global and contemporary picture of international politics, thus allowing the reader to autonomously develop a critical reflection in response to the images and to create associations between the political situation of one or more states.”

Filippo himself tells us that, with his cartoons, he once again managed to paint a deeply realistic portrait of a well-known situation.


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