Koketit, fashion illustrations by Shira Barzilay

20 March 2019

Shira Barzilay is an Israeli illustrator who creates fashion works on every surface, her icon Koketit means "fashionable girl".

They are not simple drawings, those that go to compose the unique and elegant style that characterizes the creations of the Israeli illustrator Shira Barzilay, but it’s a real attitude that has a name: Koketit.

Looking at her works, we can immediately think of Pablo Picasso, mentioned in the sharp and decisive lines that characterize the faces depicted by the artist. Shira is a fashion illustrator based in Tel-Aviv, born in 1982. After studying, she immediately dedicated herself to the drawing, creating catalogs for stylists and advertising for fashion brands. Among the names with which she has collaborated are Roberto Cavalli, H&M, Golf&co, Mish Mish Mish and many others.

Her illustrated figure is called Koketit and it means “fashionable girl” in French as you can see on artist’s Instagram it’s a kind of trademark icon, able to tell fashion stories about photographs, cups and objects of all kinds… even on the skin, since Shira has recently made her series of temporary tattoos.


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