Art The passion of cinema in the illustrations of Ryan Gayda

The passion of cinema in the illustrations of Ryan Gayda

Tommaso Berra
Ryan Gajda |

A glass of whisky as inspiration and then hours and hours spent in front of the TV admiring faces and characters passing in front of the screen. These are the two starting points for Ryan Gayda‘s work. The Bristol-based illustrator is a great fan of television and film, in particular for the ability of these two different forms of communication and art to create pop products, especially faces, scary or funny, that enter the collective imagination thanks to their expressions.

The portraits made by Ryan Gayda are those of real people, Hollywood actors or big music stars, but also imaginary characters born from the imagination of filmmakers. Among the characters portrayed by the artist are names such as David Lynch, Adrien Brody, Danny DeVito or Jack Torrance, the creepy protagonist of the film The Shining played by Jack Nicholson.
As a great cinema enthusiast, in addition to portraits Gayda tries his hand at reworking the posters of cult films such as The Rear Window and A Clockwork Orange. The style, very close to that of comics, is versatile and projects one into the settings of the films. On the artist’s official website there is also a selection of sketches, made with a simple notebook and pen, all to be discovered.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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