Design The Chair Only For Naked Use

The Chair Only For Naked Use

Giorgia Massari

Only for naked use is the claim with which designer Jisk Lindeboom presents his Bathroom Chair, one of our favorite pieces on display at Lampo during Milan Design Week, which closed its doors yesterday after a very intense week. This year, Isola Design surprised us with a selection that was at times quirky, like this chair that can only be used when naked. On Lindeboom’s Instagram profile is the making of video, which gives an idea of the creative process of this undoubtedly collectible design piece. The seat is in fact a one-of-a-kind piece, handcrafted with a foam base, then covered with cement and ceramic tiles. The challenge of the Dutch designer, who, by the way, comes from Eindhoven, the European design capital, is to be able to adapt tiles to an organic surface. «Easy to clean, equipped with a drain for water, so it can also be used outdoors,» so reads the scroll, which confirms the first impression one gets when looking at the object, so curious but also so straightforward.

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A shower, but to be taken sitting down

The choice of white ceramic tiles, typical of the bathroom environment, make the purpose of Bathroom Chair immediately clear. A chair that is also a shower, but also a bathtub. In short, Jisk Lindeboom has created a hybrid object that is both functional and cool. Showering while seated is something that can entice anyone, but there is no doubt that this object especially satisfies the over-age category, allowing them to wash themselves safely and avoid slipping. Bathroom Chair is just for everyone. Inclusive, on-trend and collectible.

Jisk Lindeboom

Courtesy Jisk Lindeboom

Written by Giorgia Massari
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