Photography Kira Gyngazova photographs loneliness

Kira Gyngazova photographs loneliness

Giulia Guido

Born in St. Petersburg, Kira Gyngazova has been spending her time between Asia and Europe, from Bangkok to Paris, for about ten years. These constant transfers have affected not only her life but also her photography. In fact, it was when she first moved that Kira Gyngazova felt the need to buy a camera and start capturing her surroundings, new faces, new roads, new places. 

Over time, Kira shifted her focus to people living in cities, trying to show how sometimes life in large hyper-populated metropolises can be lonely. Kira Gyngazova herself, with each new move, noticed how easy it was to live among millions of people and still feel lonely and how cities turned into deserts. 

Precisely for this reason, her shots tell of half-empty places where everyone lives their lives alone, of people sitting on a bus or a ferry with their eyes lost in the void, surrounded by as many empty and indifferent glances. 

Moreover, the loneliness of people seems to surround the places, the bare, monochrome rooms, the deserted metro stops.

Below you can find some shots of Kira Gyngazova, but to find out more visit her website and her Instagram profile

Written by Giulia Guido
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