Photography Tintilia by Lello Muzio Talks Tradition and Molise
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Tintilia by Lello Muzio Talks Tradition and Molise Contributors

We’ve been observing Lello Muzio‘s projects for a while now. First, during last year’s Liquida Photo Fest edition, but also through S O S P E S A, a journey composed of eight conceptual photography images. This time, we’re talking about him in relation to ‘Tintilia,’ another photographic project inspired by the prayer to wine, «with which to eliminate worries and sing in a language that goes beyond the human.» The protagonist is dancer Francesca Sara Spallone, and this series of images is a true homage to his homeland, Molise, and «its submissive and tribal wisdom,» as Lello Muzio tells us through the words of Antonio Mastrogiorgio.

Lello Muzio’s Tintilia will also be showcased in this year’s edition of Liquida Photo Fest, from May 3rd to 5th in Turin.

Photographyliquida photo fest
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