Art Bee Garden, the new artwork by Tellas in Turin
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Bee Garden, the new artwork by Tellas in Turin

Giulia Guido

The international urban art festival Street Alps is now in its seventh edition and also this year sees the participation of Tellas, a Sardinian artist we have talked about several times. 

For years the festival proposes to aesthetically re-evaluate urban areas and from the beginning there are many places, from Torre Pellice to Pinerolo, from Venaus to Cuneo, up to Turin, which have experienced a rebirth thanks to the works of national and international artists. 

For this year’s edition, Tellas worked in Beeozanam, a brand new HUB that opened its headquarters in Turin, in the spaces of a former industrial building built between 1938 and 1941.  

Tellas’ work develops along the walls overlooking the external courtyard of Beeozanam and, precisely for this reason, takes the name of Bee Garden. With his unmistakable style, which has made Tellas known throughout the world, the artist has represented different botanical varieties, chosen to pay homage to the Beeozanam which houses an urban garden, a roof garden and a metropolitan apiary. 

The mural can be seen by anyone passing through the Beeozanam, in via Foligno in Turin. 

Artstreet art
Written by Giulia Guido
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