Style FKA Twigs is the new Creative Partner of On

FKA Twigs is the new Creative Partner of On

Anna Frattini

FKA Twigs – an icon of international electro pop – is the new Creative Partner of On, the Swiss athleisure brand that reached a revenue of 1.3 billion $ in 2022 alone and continues to grow. The news came this morning, demonstrating On’s inclination to expand into other areas of the fashion industry. The involvement of a spokesperson of FKA Twigs’ caliber, who has made a significant impact in the fashion world (who could forget all the controversies surrounding the Calvin Klein photoshoots?), is not just a marketing move but a real declaration of intent. Elena Mariani, on Vogue Italia, had already addressed the Calvin or nothing-gate that sparked around the campaign featuring the English singer-songwriter just a few months ago, contrasting it with Jeremy Allen White‘s shots for the same project that didn’t cause any scandal, only jubilation among fans.

FKA Twigs and On’s training collection

Returning to the news, this collaboration with FKA Twigs will result in the launch of On’s training collection for Fall/Winter 2024 in September. The concept behind this partnership aims to inspire experimentation and break the molds of training as we know it. In other words, perfectly in line with FKA Twigs’ trajectory, always ahead of the times. «FKA Twigs embodies On’s mission to ignite the human spirit through movement. As an innovator in the fields of dance, music, creativity, and movement, FKA Twigs inspires us to remember that training can take shape in different forms – whether it’s in the gym or in the studio,» said Marc Maurer, the Co-CEO of On. He further adds, «our entry into the training field will take On to the next level. We hope to bring a functional and innovative approach to training footwear and apparel, just as we have done in the running space. In collaboration with FKA Twigs, we aim to create revolutionary and high-performance training gear».

Physicality and movement according to FKA Twigs

The words of the Co-CEO resonate with those of FKA Twigs, who returns to the theme of movement as the heart of this partnership. «I hope that within my collaboration, I can not only present elegant and original designs to the world but also share and amplify my personal belief that the way we move our bodies and the time we spend connecting mind, soul, and physicality is one of the most essential parts of the human experience,» concludes the English singer-songwriter. So, all that’s left is to wait until September for the collection launch and see the result of this collaboration, which we are sure will make headlines. After all, we have also been keeping an eye on On for some time now, and we expect great things from this partnership, certainly in line with the times.

Written by Anna Frattini
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