Style Life isn’t black and white, it’s “Grey” New Balance 

Life isn’t black and white, it’s “Grey” New Balance 

Giulia Guido

When does a brand surpass the threshold of recognition and become a legend? When just one color is enough to identify it. A shade among thousands that immediately creates a link in our minds. Ferrari red, Schiaparelli pink, New Balance grey.

With this quip begins the short film “Grey Days” by New Balance, released today on May 10th, inaugurating two weeks of celebration of the color that has made the Boston brand stand out above all others. The short, produced by American Haiku and written in collaboration by creative directors Thom Glover and Daniel Wolfe, is a narrative constructed through 7 vignettes that present different styles, from animation to black and white, each focused on a different and essential aspect of the brand’s story.

Since its earliest models, New Balance’s independent ethos led designers to prefer grey over the typical white of all other running shoes on the market at the time. The choice proved successful, especially as running shoes began to be worn every day. It’s undisputed that grey goes well with everything, always maintaining an air of elegance and formality. Perhaps that’s why over the years, the models have changed but its “Grey” has not, and it has first won over the dads of Ohio (and the world), then the top models, and finally, all of us.

This May, New Balance has decided to celebrate its signature colorway with a series of events including the launch of the Grey Shop, the introduction of new models like the WRPD Runner, the 1906R “Grey Days”, and the Fresh Foam X 1080 ‘Grey’. Towards the end of May, to the delight of basketball enthusiasts, the KAWHI IV collection will be released, and the celebrations will conclude with the launch of the Coco CG1 and the Fresh Foam Audazo Numeric “Grey”. All events that demonstrate how New Balance is able to keep up with the current trends, ranging from the world of running to tennis, without ever betraying itself.

Written by Giulia Guido
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