Art Hannah Kwasnycia and the art of embroidery

Hannah Kwasnycia and the art of embroidery

Giulia Guido

Often, when we think of embroidery, we are reminded of our grandmothers, years of a distant past or, simply, movies and costume shows. Today, the art of needle and thread seems almost to have disappeared. Have you ever met someone who told you that his favorite hobby was embroidery?!
Sometimes, though, you need an exception to confirm the rule, and the exception to what we said above has a first and last name: Hannah Kwasnycia

Hannah is a young artist who lives in New Zealand and for about a year now spends her free time decorating embroidery circles with needle and colored threads. Forget the classic cross-stitch, the level reached by Hannah Kwasnycia is very high: in a single circle, she can use different techniques, different types of stitches and knots, giving life to different textures and, even, to embossed parts, also helping herself with different beads. 

For the subjects, Hannah Kwasnycia is particularly inspired by the natural world, recreating, for example, rocks with moss or the seabed with algae and corals. 

Her work has been particularly successful on Instagram, where her profile has reached 17,000 followers in a very short time, which is why it is now possible to buy her artwork on Etsy and even commission her custom works.
Written by Giulia Guido
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