Art The installations by the American artist Rob Ley

The installations by the American artist Rob Ley

Emanuele D'Angelo
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Known for his installations, Rob Ley is an American artist based in Los Angeles who manages to captivate the world. He currently teaches design at the University of Southern California (USC), but still manages to find time to devote himself to reinventing places.
Engaging the character and context of a place, his studio creates dynamic public artworks that intertwine with the existing landscape.

His latest work is “Pangaea”, an installation commissioned for the NCR headquarters in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.
The work takes its name from the prehistoric supercontinent and is made of a series of layered aluminum ribbons that create a collection of interconnected nodes, hubs and conduits.

As you can guess, the American artist usually uses aluminum for his installations. Here is another of his works that has undoubtedly remained engraved in the hearts of those lucky enough to observe it up close.

Titled “Field Lines”, it is located in the transit hub of Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The installation, like all his works, becomes one with the airport. The small aluminum elements are in fact a representation of dynamic air currents that oscillate between stable and turbulent wind conditions.
A bit like the currents, eddies and vortices that shape the wind and also have a direct impact on air travel both positive and negative.

Another round, another work. Today we’re going to take you on a stroll through the world of Rob Ley. Another one of those works that have certainly been able to stop space and time is undoubtedly “Endless Miles”.

One of the most critically acclaimed, the work when viewed up close appears to be composed of individual brushstrokes, while from a distance it appears to be a mosaic composition.

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But these works are just a taste, a sort of aperitif let’s say of the imagination and skill of Rob Ley and his studio, to know them all just visit the site.

Rob Ley
Rob Ley
Rob Ley
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