Design The incredible inflatable world of Lidi Bus

The incredible inflatable world of Lidi Bus

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«NO AI, REAL CRAFT» writes designer Lidi Bus in her Instagram bio. However, scrolling through her profile, nothing gives the impression of being designed with Midjourney, but her observation remains nonetheless interesting. The aesthetics of her pieces indeed reflect the dreamlike and fanciful universe so appreciated on social media, and in particular, it looks at inflatable design, a theme we have already talked about many times and which continues to fascinate us. After meeting her at Isola Design during Milan Design Week, today we want to discover more about Lidi Bus and her inflatable stage objects.

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Lidi designs inflatable stage objects and unique scenographies that evoke expressive suggestions of an applied art that speaks to the world of fashion, interior design. All this sometimes applied to product presentations and events. The intention is to design and create unique pieces. For Lidi Bus, her structures «serve as an extension for storytellers to help them create captivating presentations. They resonate with creators who see value in an exceptional approach and seek to stand out from the crowd. Exclusive, bold, and unique. Lidi embraces extraordinary projects, far from the routine, making a statement: mediocrity simply isn’t enough» as stated on her website.

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