Art MAN 2020 by Steve Cutts, nature takes back its space

MAN 2020 by Steve Cutts, nature takes back its space

Giulia Guido

It was 2012 when British illustrator Steve Cutts published the animated short film MAN. The video shows how man destroys everything around him, from a small insect to animals of the savannah, from seas to forests. Basically, the short film shows how, with a scary nonchalance, man is able to turn the Earth into a huge heap of rubbish and garbage and not even realize it. 

But then something happened, a few months ago an unknown virus forced us to stay at home and, slowly, we began to see the animals taking back their space. 

So, Steve Cutts got back to his 2012 work and adapted it to the current situation. The new version, entitled MAN 2020, shows the same protagonist locked at home, like us these days, and nature taking back its rightful place, with animals and plants living together in a perfect balance, where no one dominates the other until he disappears. 

Without realizing it, we have become the beasts to run away from, to be afraid of, and perhaps Steve Cutts’s is an invitation to reflect on the impact we have on the environment and on the lives of other living beings. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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