Photography Martina Stapf, performance and photography
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Martina Stapf, performance and photography

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Martina Stapf, a visual artist and photographer, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and now collaborates with artists and dancers in her city. Her work involves dance, performance and photography, she mixes these three elements and builds extravagant works.

Martina’s photographs examine the relationship between human body and space, consider it a surface for the projection of emotions and reflect on the relationship that exists between interiority and exteriority.

Most of her shots are self-portraits, but Martina Stapf never shows herself in her entirety. Her art reveals and then hides at the same time, makes interact public and private, ordinary and extraordinary, spirit and matter.

Never really revealed, her body becomes an object and subject of identification, the spectator can therefore observe her art and identify with it.

See here a selection of her works, follow her on Instagram and on her official website.

Photographyperformance artphotography
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