Art The psychedelic art of Luis Toledo aka Laprisamata
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The psychedelic art of Luis Toledo aka Laprisamata

Emanuele D'Angelo

Luis Toledo, aka Laprisamata, is a Spanish digital artist famous for his psychedelic style and his illustrations of otherworldly scenes with composite characters formed by vibrant blocks of color.

“I am interested in working on the complexity of human beings and animals, working against the atlases of medical anatomy that seek to simplify living beings. Nature always develops complex forms, and I try to imitate them”.

In a constant search for complexity, collage renderings are part of a broader narrative about the rites and beliefs of the Blue Desert, the imaginary world of the Spanish artist.

“The Blue Desert or The Blue Men’s Desert is the place where the Iberians will live, an ancient sea where priests perform rituals and sacrifices, and where the three-eyed skull and black felines are venerated. Land of Esperpentos where elms once grew and where today olive trees, acacias, almond trees and thyme survive”.

The abstract imagery of most of Luis Toledo’s works is similar to what one might imagine in a dream or a distant memory. Now all you have to do is immerse yourself in the intricate world of Laprisamata, letting yourself be gently transported by his art.

Artdigital illustration
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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