Mizuno Sky Medal X Pieter Ceizer

Mizuno Sky Medal X Pieter Ceizer

Buddy · 4 years ago · Style

Every year, Mizuno challenges an artist to collaborate on a special-edition running shoe to celebrate the TCS Amsterdam Marathon.

This year Mizuno teamed up with Dutch typographic artist and designer Pieter Ceizer to work on the Wave Skyrise as well as the Sky Medal.

Mizuno Sky Medal X Pieter Ceizer | Collater.al Magazine

For the collaboration, Ceizer incorporated colors that represent the city of Amsterdam as well as its unique style.

The colours I used for this collaboration represent The Vondelpark, the canals & the summer time in Amsterdam” mentions Ceizer. “The blue-ish green and soft mint symbolize nature; the park and the green canals, the yellow and orange stand for sunshine and the transition of summer to fall, when all that is green will turn orange and yellow. In the summer, you increase your running and enjoy the vibrancy of the city. In the fall you appreciate Nature’s changes and how peaceful the city of Amsterdam becomes.

The Sky Medal appears in the familiar suede and mesh composition on the upper in a White, Black and Blue colourway with orange detailing, as well as slight speckling on the midsole. The shoe also features branding details on the tongue, heel and sockliner.

You can buy them at this link.

Mizuno Sky Medal X Pieter Ceizer
Mizuno Sky Medal X Pieter Ceizer
Mizuno Sky Medal X Pieter Ceizer
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The C.P. Company’s Goggle Jacket is an icon

The C.P. Company’s Goggle Jacket is an icon

Andrea Tuzio · 4 years ago · Style

When the legendary Massimo Osti founded the Chester Perry brand in 1971, it was already clear to everyone that it would be the beginning of a long history of cutting-edge innovations, especially in the field of fabrics and dyes. Osti used methods that at the time were adopted almost exclusively for paper such as photocopying, screen printing and four-color printing, drawing heavily from his experience as a graphic designer. 

In the following two years he experimented and perfected garment dyeing which is the name of a process introduced by Osti himself and which consists in dyeing during the final phase of the production process of a garment in raw and undyed fabric. This technique differs from the conventional method that involves making garments from fabrics already dyed.

Although garment dyeing had already existed for some time, Massimo Osti and his collaborators at C.P. Company were the first to use it on garments made with different fibres and fabrics. An almost alchemical process that produces a chromatic depth and intensity impossible to obtain with predyed fabrics.

Inspired by Bauhaus methods, Osti has reworked archival military, work and sports garments through intense research on Italian fabrics to give shape to a completely new tailoring code based on functionality. 

“I design clothes for a man who travels across the planet, through different environments; nature, traffic, pollution, the urban adventure. I’ve always thought that my clothes had to respond to real needs”.

The enormous ability of C.P. Company to respect the dictates of its founder over the years, has meant that the legacy, the legacy of Massimo Osti, was always at the center of the overall project.
Rather than following trends, the brand has always focused – especially in recent years – on the DNA that has distinguished C.P. since its origins, preserving its invaluable cultural cachet and at the same time projecting that heritage into the contemporary world.

The idea for the Goggle Jacket came when Osti managed to recover a protective hood worn by the Japanese Civil Defense – his archives in Bologna, which can still be visited today, is a real place of worship – which included a pair of protective lenses inside and studied the details. The idea of making a jacket with a pair of lenses sewn inside the fabric immediately excited him.

The first prototype Goggle Jacket had the lenses sewn inside a very long neck that had to be pulled up to the eyes and was produced for the Spring/Summer 1988 in limited quantities. After further research on the protective hoods used by the army and on the antigas clothing, he had the idea to move the lenses inside the hood also to make it more comfortable and functional.

This new version of the Goggle Jacket also saw the addition of an additional lens on the left sleeve at wrist height to allow the wearer to see their watch. 

Probably the most iconic piece of C.P. Company, the original Goggle Jacket is known by most as “Mille Miglia”.
The company decided to sponsor the legendary vintage car race and gave a Goggle Jacket to all participants and organizers, from here it took its nickname unofficial but now become emblematic. The jacket was a perfect mix of sportswear, performance and design of the highest quality.

Reinterpreted and reinvented every season, the Goggle Jacket today we see it on Stormzy, Rejjie Snow, Slowthai, Marracash and many others, as proof that winning ideas never die.
Functional, timeless and with a bold aesthetic, this jacket has been and still is today and with even more strength, the symbol of creativity of Massimo Osti and C.P. Company.

The C.P. Company’s Goggle Jacket is an icon
The C.P. Company’s Goggle Jacket is an icon
The C.P. Company’s Goggle Jacket is an icon
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Save The Duck launches “Stand Up And Quack” campaign

Save The Duck launches “Stand Up And Quack” campaign

Giulia Guido · 4 years ago · Style

Founded in 2011 by the entrepreneur Nicolas Bargi, Save The Duck has stood out from the beginning from all other brands for its desire to respect the highest standards of responsibility and transparency in the social and environmental field. This policy has led the brand of 100% animal-free quilts to stand out only nationally, becoming the first B-Corp in the fashion world in Italy, but especially globally, earning numerous awards and Palmares. 

In 2012, Save The Duck opened its first store in the heart of Milan, in Via Solferino 12, last year the stores in Venice and Hong Kong were opened and this year, the whistling duck has returned home, opening a second store in Milan, a few steps from Piazza Cordusio, in Via Dante 3. 

But the news for the brand of the duck does not end here, in fact, in addition to the presentation of the new winter collection, Save The Duck has launched the Stand Up And Quack campaign, with the aim of stirring consciences, to reach as many people as possible and raise awareness of animal rights issues among buyers. 

The campaign designed and photographed by Marco Rubiola shows five changemakers wearing a mask that shows the duck of the logo and become the ambassadors of a necessary change, which starts from sustainability and arrives to human rights.  

Stand Up And Quack is the evolution of a path that has led Save The Duck to become an active supporter of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), an initiative created to encourage companies around the world to adopt sustainable policies.  

Save The Duck launches “Stand Up And Quack” campaign
Save The Duck launches “Stand Up And Quack” campaign
Save The Duck launches “Stand Up And Quack” campaign
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The launch of the Fear of God collection for Ermenegildo Zegna

The launch of the Fear of God collection for Ermenegildo Zegna

Andrea Tuzio · 4 years ago · Style

Last Friday Ermenegildo Zegna and Fear of God celebrated the global launch of the Fear of God exclusively for Ermenegildo Zegna collection with a series of simultaneous events in Chengdu, Milan and Los Angeles.

For this occasion the Italian brand and Jerry Lorenzo have opened a beautiful pop-up store in Chengdu, China that will remain open until October 7th.

In Milan and Los Angeles, Zegna and Fear of God hosted a live digital conversation in collaboration with Highsnobiety, where Ermenegildo Zegna’s Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori and FoG’s founder Jerry Lorenzo told about the collection.

The Zegna boutiques in Via Montenapoleone and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles will host an exhibition dedicated to the collaboration until October 31st.

Actor Michael B. Jordan, former NBA champion Dwyane Wade, his wife Gabrielle Union and many other celebrities attended the event in Los Angeles where DJ Samantha Ronson performed live.

The launch of the Fear of God collection for Ermenegildo Zegna
The launch of the Fear of God collection for Ermenegildo Zegna
The launch of the Fear of God collection for Ermenegildo Zegna
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The new Gucci Tailoring campaign by Harmony Korine

The new Gucci Tailoring campaign by Harmony Korine

Andrea Tuzio · 4 years ago · Style

The journey in the elegance of Alessandro Michele continues in completely unexpected ways.
“Life of a Rock Star” is the title of Gucci Tailoring’s new campaign starring A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator and Iggy Pop.

Shot by Harmony Korine, screenwriter and director of cult films such as Kids and Gummo, the images and video of the campaign are set in a beautiful mansion of the last century in Los Angeles, surrounded by the lush green hills of the City of Angels.

In the video you see A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator arriving in a heavy old ocher Rolls-Roys in what appears to be Iggy Pop’s house waiting for them while he is with his parrot Biggy Pop, a beautiful specimen of blue hyacinth macaw.

The three begin to dance to the music that is the soundtrack to the video, Supernature, a 1977 piece by the French musician and producer, Cerrone.

The three wear Gucci’s new tailoring creations: Iggy Pop is initially wrapped in a cheeky leopard print suit with a waist belt that tightens the double-breasted jacket. Later we see him in a gorgeous blue three-piece suit with a white striped shirt, burgundy tie and ankle boots; Tyler wears red corduroy pants paired with a blue striped shirt, a green sleeveless cardigan featuring a gold “GG” pattern, a blue, white and burgundy striped tie and a pair of moccasins; A$AP Rocky instead wears a brown coat completely logoed by the double “GG” pattern, a white shirt with gray vest and jacket, a light blue denim and a small yellow shoulder bag.

In the photos taken by Korine we have the chance to take a look at other looks like a very elegant black tuxedo worn by A$AP Rocky and a green double-breasted suit with white shirt and ocher tie by Tyler.

About the campaign Alessandro Michele said: “The result is a group campaign with three men who I believe had fun too. There is always this image of eccentricity, because they are in fact eccentric themselves. A certain type of fun is also portrayed and the idea of how one’s obsession with appearances can create a kind of common ground that can become a sort of brotherhood. It was beautiful to see these three men together, seemingly different but very similar. This is another chapter of this journey. With these campaigns, I am working on different ways of being elegant, and these three men embody this idea perfectly. I like to tell the story of elegance in completely arbitrary and unexpected ways. Perhaps elegance is something in the air that sometimes you are not even ready for. Male elegance can be unpredictable and strange”. 

The aesthetic of the Gucci Tailoring campaign in its totality winks at the end of the 1970s: the warmth of the shots, the photography, the setting, the colors, the soundtrack, everything brings us back to those years.

In Korine’s video you can also glimpse elements typical of another cult director, David Lynch, whom The Guardian called “the most important director of this era”. The choice of music, the dance, some shots and sequences seem to have come out of the mind and the camera of the Honorary Academy Award winner in 2010.

The details of the arrival of the collection in the boutique are not yet known, but it is likely to happen by the end of 2020.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Alessandro Michele
Art Director: Christopher Simmonds
Photography/Direction: Harmony Korine
Hair stylist: Paul Hanlon
Make-up: Thomas De Kluyver
Artists: A$AP Rocky; Iggy Pop; Tyler, The Creator 
Performed by Cerrone
Authors: Marc Cerrone, Lili Marlene Premilovich, Alain Wisniak
Publisher: Kobalt Songs Music Publishing, Because Editions /Concord Music Publishing
Courtesy of Malligator Préférence under license of Because Music

The new Gucci Tailoring campaign by Harmony Korine
The new Gucci Tailoring campaign by Harmony Korine
The new Gucci Tailoring campaign by Harmony Korine
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