SKALAR immersive installation combines light and music

30 April 2019

SKALAR is the name of the immersive installation born from the collaboration between light designer Christopher Bauder and French musician Kangding Ray.

There are no longer any barriers between electronic music and art, on the contrary, these two disciplines are increasingly overlapping to offer the public a single total immersive experience. SKALAR is a spectacular installation born from the collaboration between the light designer Christopher Bauder and the French musician Kangding Ray.

SKALAR is based on the theory of the American psychologist Robert Plutchik, who considers emotions as an adaptive response, which is why the work was conceived in a huge space: the physical components of the installation are suspended from the ceiling, are moved up and down so that the kinetic mirrors interact with the beams of colored light alter the perception of the surrounding space.

Meditative sounds are combined with slowly moving lights, while marked rhythms are combined with patterns that flash rapidly.

Below is the video of the performance of the two artists:

SKALAR, l'installazione immersiva che combina luci e musica | 5


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