Photography Hashem Shakeri tells the drama of the drought in Iran

Hashem Shakeri tells the drama of the drought in Iran

Claudia Fuggetti
Hashem Shakeri racconta il dramma della siccità in Iran |

Tehran-based photographer Hashem Shakeri has focused his artistic research on the theme of the drought in Iran, in particular the serious crisis that has hit the great Hamoun Lake. An Elegy for the Death of Hamun is the name of the reportage that recounts this dramatic environmental condition, which is heading towards massive desertification.

In Hashem’s images there are no living animals, there are no bright tones, but neutral shades that highlight the barren landscape of the area. It all started in 1999, when most of the water surfaces slowly dried up, and since then the phenomenon of desertification has been unstoppable.

Let us remember that Afghanistan in the past has violated the agreements signed with Iran in the 1970s and has built numerous dams, including four that block the flow of water from Mount Hirmand (in Afghanistan) to the Hirmand valley, where the river flows into the Hamoun.

Due to the lack of water in the area frequent dust storms occur: it is said that this suffocating fog of sand has buried 100 villages, forcing people to abandon their homes. Today, 25% of the population of Sistan has emigrated due to a loss of livelihoods, and 95% of those who remain living below the poverty line.

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Written by Claudia Fuggetti
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