Art Spring in the illustrations and paintings of Bao Pham

Spring in the illustrations and paintings of Bao Pham

Emanuele D'Angelo

Spring has always been synonymous with reawakening: the trees are blossoming with buds, and nature is rediscovering its rhythms and colors. For us, spring is the creations of Bao Pham.

With his illustrations and paintings, the Vietnamese artist, despite the fact that spring has already arrived last March 20, manages to catapult us into his world of flowers, a universe made up of delicate and poetic works that remind us of the flowering season.

A passion for art cultivated from an early age, Bao Pham has in fact begun to draw since childhood, trying his hand at first with digital painting and then moving on to traditional techniques such as oils, watercolors, tempera and painting on cardboard.

His paintings express all the charm of his culture of origin, the protagonists are almost always women, decorated with butterflies or flowers that bloom harmoniously between their features.
Bao Pham almost always portrays them with closed eyes and a relaxed expression that can give a sense of peace and tranquility at first glance.

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Welcome to the flowery world of Bao Pham, a unique artist all to discover. Here are some of his creations that have impressed us, but to find out more visit his website.

Bao Pham
Bao Pham
Bao Pham
Bao Pham
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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