Strange Story, the Stranger Things themed Escape Room opens in Seoul

19 June 2019

Netflix opened the first Stranger Things themed pop-up Escape Room in Seoul, and it's the only place we'd like to be today.

The arrival of the third season of Stranger Things, which seems to be one of the most anticipated ever, brought with it a myriad of collateral launches.
First of all the collaboration with Nike, followed by the set of Lego inspired by the series and finally also the game, coming on all iOS and Android devices in 2020, which follows the same principle of Pokemon Go launching us all in the terrifying Upsidedown.
But Netflix‘s latest invention is perhaps the most beautiful made to date, even if difficult to reach.

Strange Story, l’Escape Room a tema Stranger Things arriva a Seoul | 1

In Seoul, in fact, was opened the first pop-up Escape Room themed Stranger Things, called Strange Story, with many rooms equal to those of the series.
From the Bayer’s home to the arcade up to the Hawkins National Laboratory.
The Escape Room will open to the public on June 20 and will close on June 7, only 3 days after the start of the new season.
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