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Realm, Vhils’ trip to Shanghai

While the technique and style of José Pando Lucas‘ register take up the faces of passers-by in slow motion, the voice in the background accompanies us to the discovery of the works of Vhils that have been on display in Shanghai, at the Danysz Gallery, with the exhibition of the title Realm.

The documentary is a journey to discover the concept of the kingdom and, at the same time, a way to understand the place where we live, but also the places where we pass and stay for a short time.

Between one scene of life and the next, we see the works thanks to which Vhils became one of the internationally known names in street art, created by digging and sculpting the plaster of the outer walls of houses.

The video gives a cross-section of the life of the Chinese people, which may seem so far and distant, but only in appearance.

Realm, Vhils’ trip to Shanghai
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