Coachella 2019, a look at the installations

16 April 2019

Last weekend the Coachella 2019 was concluded: let's see together which installations were the protagonists of the festival.

As per tradition, Coachella 2019 is not only a music festival and aggregation but also a kind of open-air museum as far as contemporary art is concerned. Let’s see together which installations were the protagonists of the 2019 edition:

Sarbalé Ke by Diébédo Francis Kéré

Sarbalé Ke is the name of the installation composed of hypnotic triangles distributed over 12 towers, which Diéédo Francis Kéré, an architect originally from Gando, has installed on the site of Coachella of Indio.

The artist was inspired by the baobab tree, which in this case is revisited in a creative way, to create multifunctional structures.

“In my culture, the baobab is the most important tree, it is the place where people meet, celebrate and discuss. It also attracts animals. It’s spiritual”.

HIPO by Dedo Vabo

According to the duo of artists Dedo Vabo, a group of hippos has built this rocket topsy-turvy to reach the space. The installation was named Hazardus Interstellar Perfessional Operations, or HIPO and also includes a laboratory-mission control center.

Le installazioni protagoniste del Coachella 2019 |


NEWSUBSTANCE wanted to explore the relationship between light and landscape of the festival, creating Spectra, a structure that change depending on the situations. As NEWSUBSTANCE explains:

Le installazioni protagoniste del Coachella 2019 |

“The festival is enriched by beautiful sunrises and sunsets that roll over the landscape, and it is precisely these iconic explosions of color that we wanted to capture in the design”.

In fact, Spectra has not disappointed the expectations just like in the last edition of 2018, giving unforgettable speeches to all participants of the 2019 edition.

Le installazioni protagoniste del Coachella 2019 |

Colossal Cacti by Office Kovacs

Colossal Cacti is the work by Los Angeles-based Office Kovacs, composed of various colored installations and blocks designed on the figure of the cactus.

In addition to its aesthetic function, Colossal Cacti also plays a functional role: the offset platforms also provide seating, while the corner armrests extend upwards to provide shade from the sun.

Le installazioni protagoniste del Coachella 2019 |

Overview Effect by Poetic Kinetics

If you’re thinking, have I not seen him before? Yes, you’re right, because the astronaut is from far-off 2014. The proof?

The Los Angeles-based studio Poetic Kinetics dirtied his suit to give an idea of the passage of time:

“All over its body there is evidence, or clues, of the fantastical story of where it went”. 

The sculpture is also able to come alive and can project on the helmet the names and faces of those who are present at the festival.





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Le installazioni protagoniste del Coachella 2019 |

Mismo by Sofia Enriquez

Painter Sofia Enriquez was inspired by ornamental paisley to create Mismo. They are wooden structures painted with bright colors to contrast the neutral colors of the desert. Amidst flowers, flames and faces, the installation left the public speechless with its detailed finishes.

Le installazioni protagoniste del Coachella 2019 |
Le installazioni protagoniste del Coachella 2019 |


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