Eliana Marinari, abstract portraits as faded memories

30 April 2019

Geneva-based artist Eliana Marinari creates abstract and evocative portraits that bring back forms and memories in the Recognition Memory project.

Geneva-based visual artist Eliana Marinari creates abstract and evocative portraits, which she has collected in the Recognition Memory series, composed of overlapping layers of aerosol paint. After finishing her studies in Florence, Eliana continued her journey in London, where she focused on the interpretation of realism in figurative painting at Central St Martins.

hese portraits are comparable to the images that we visualize when we open our eyes: we find ourselves scrutinizing only silhouettes without details, but rich in essence.

The essential, the memory.

Always looking for experimental ways to present her work, Eliana explores the boundaries of memory and the figurative through the evanescent atmosphere of the series.

Visit her website for more information and follow Eliana also on Instagram.

Eliana Marinari, ritratti astratti e suggestivi |


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