Fresh Dressed, Nas documentary on the history of hip hop fashion

8 February 2018

Fresh Dressed is the documentary by Sacha Jenkins produced by the New York rapper Nas who explores hip-hop fashion.

Being “fresh” in the hip-hop world has always been considered a very important thing, according to Kanye West is even more important than having money, but what’s the reason behind this obsession?

Fresh Dressed, released in 2015, is the documentary that best responds to this question, thanks to the testimonies of old school heads such as Dapper Dan, Big Daddy Kane, Run Dmc, Lo-Life and many others we are told how hip hop as well as being a cultural revolution was also a cultural revolution for fashion and costume.

Through the story of brands that have redesigned the aesthetics of street fashion such as Paht Farm, Sean Jonn, Karl Kani, Fubu, Ecko, it’s explained to us how this revolution has turned from a niche phenomenon to an economic empire of millions of dollars able to influence the largest companies or clothing masion in the world.

I definitely recommend the vision to all the hypebeast and sneakerheadz, turn on Netflix uncork a beer and have a good time.



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