Photography After Lights Out, the world in the dark of Julien Mauve

After Lights Out, the world in the dark of Julien Mauve

Giulia Ficicchia
After Lights Out, la città al buio di Julien Mauve | 1

Among the most know fears there is, in the childhood of everyone, the fear of the dark. I dealt many times with my parents to keep the light on longer before to fall asleep. They always won with the excuse of the bills to pay  for my requests.

The concept of dark, the absence of light is almost impossible to reach in these days, you have to go far far away from the civilization, in places where you can rely on the moon and the stars.

For this reason the photographer Julien Mauve has created a photographic series, from 2013 to 2017, After Lights Out, to describe a new reality in which the dark is not an exception, but the light is.

Overturning the unwritten/untold rules of our contemporary life, the lights is an isolated element, a detail on the photographic composition.

A reflection that won’t make happy who fears the dark.

Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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