Art Hunter French, a lively and dynamic illustrator

Hunter French, a lively and dynamic illustrator

Federica Cimorelli

Hunter French is an up-and-coming illustrator originally from Connecticut, now based in New York. Only 5 years into his career in the industry, he has already created illustrations for clients such as The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Vice and Apartamento Studios. Let’s explore him together.

After graduating in graphic design a few years ago, Hunter French began his freelance career in the world of illustration. His drawings look like something out of cartoons, they are vibrant, eye-catching and colourful.

Hunter French builds fast-paced, dynamic scenarios, rich in detail, his images are layered, dense with contrasts, textures and colours.
His palette is not particularly defined, Hunter seems to play with both primary and secondary colours and the tones he uses are always very different and well-matched.

His style seems to be based on comic strips, the characters he draws are either anthropomorphic objects or human caricatures taken to the extreme. Giving human features to subjects that do not have them is a way for the illustrator to make the public identify with the image they are looking at, to make them recognise and identify with it.

See a selection of his work here, follow him on Instagram and visit his personal website.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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