Art The disturbing melancholy in the works of Jon Rafman

The disturbing melancholy in the works of Jon Rafman

Tommaso Berra

Rarely has reality needed so much to be imagined
With this phrase, artist Jon Rafman describes his relationship with the present and the tools through which we interact with each other. Using CLIP Guided Diffusion software, the Canadian digital artist uses artificial intelligence to create grotesque and disturbing images generated from an archive of anthropomorphic and disgusting images and creatures.
Rafmann thus shows the darker sides of the Internet, a world that the artist considers disturbing but from which he draws constant inspiration for his two works and videos.

Technology as a means of depicting an almost decaying humanity serves precisely to express the idea that modern social interactions provoke in Jon Rafman a kind of uneasy melancholy. According to the artist, technology has a negative impact on the way we live and see reality, to the point of wondering what reality really is, especially when created by an artificial intelligence, by an image generation that only knows the forms of reality but not its spirit.
The caricatures in his works are therefore a way of emphasising this inhuman relationship with technology, which even art ends up suffering, thus losing the beauty of the subjects and the composition of the scenes, which give way to aesthetic categories more related to kitsch and the ugly. Discover the artist’s work on his official website.

Written by Tommaso Berra
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