Art Markus Magnusson’s garbage friends

Markus Magnusson’s garbage friends

Giorgia Massari
Markus Magnusson

Illustrator and motion designer Markus Magnusson, known as @motionmarkus, is creating new NFT Friends, after collaborations with major clients such as Google, Sony, and YouTube, Markus lands in the Web3. On the heels of his most famous collection Invisible Friends, released in 2022 and consisting of 5 thousand moving avatars, Markus will release a new one this year, titled Garbage Friends. As can be inferred from his socials, particularly Twitter, the attention and buzz toward the release of these “new friends” is very high. The artist posts timely previews such as GIFs of some characters, illustrations, and even a website where you can write anything with the garbage style alphabet.
Both series consist of a multitude of different and unique characters, each with their own characteristics and all strictly in motion. Following the technique of Magic of walk cycles – to make the characters walk – Markus Magnusson creates in collaboration with Random Character Collective a universe that will be slowly populated by many friends, just like him, who calls himself “your internet friend” in his Instagram bio.

The Invisible Friends project consists of invisible characters wearing all kinds of clothes and accessories, with countless styles and personalities. IF was one of the most anticipated collections of 2022. Markus Magnusson managed to create a community of over 60K members on Discord and thousands of followers on Twitter, even before the launch of the collection, generating a higher demand than supply. This factor resulted in a high sale price: 0.25 ETH ($700 at the time of sale), which rose to 10 ETH after release.
The Garbage Friends collection will augment the Invisible world and be directly related to it. In fact, Markus announces, “In 2023 we will be serving up some hot garbage for the metaverse. Yes, these trash friends are everything our Invisible Friends are not, that is, smelly, dirty, and nihilistic. They still belong to the same universe, how? Stay tuned!” and later declares, “1 Invisible Friends = 1 Garbage Friends. There will be some for non-owners too!”
Each owner of an Invisible will then be entitled to a new Garbage friend, but non-owners will also be able to purchase them. We will just have to wait for the release date, which has not yet been announced, and in the meantime, here are some of the characters in the collection.

Written by Giorgia Massari
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