Francois Ollivier’s reportage that renews the trad​ition

16 May 2019

Of carnations and heath is the name of the reportage of the photographer Francois Ollivier who renews the tradition through his innovative look.

Francois Ollivier, French photographer from Montreal, about whom we have previously spoken here, has created a new photographic project called Of Carnations and heath.

For over a hundred years, a parade of floral floats called Corso Fleuri de la Mi-Carême has been held in the village of Roquebrune-sur-Argens, in Provence. 
At the end of March 2019, the tradition once again gathered dozens of volunteers, friends and families who spent long days and sleepless nights decorating the floats, braiding heath into chicken wire and tying up 20 000 carnations with toothpicks. A painstaking task for only a few hours of popular jubilation.

The artist told his work like this:

“Embracing the festive and somehow anachronistic nature of the event, I wanted to tell the story of a community’s commitment and present the floats just moments before entering the narrow streets of the village, showcasing them as glorious subjects of enchantment”.

The following are images that depart from the classic reportage and tend to capture tradition with an innovative and fresh look. Glows, lights, faces and atmospheres come together, contributing to the narration of a story with a strong point of view.

Discover more works by Francois on his website.


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