Photography The minimal world in Sinziana Velicescu’s photos

The minimal world in Sinziana Velicescu’s photos

Giulia Guido

What Sinziana Velicescu‘s shots offer is a journey of discovery of abandoned places and decadent buildings, aimed at underlining the close relationship between nature and architecture, and therefore between nature and man.

To date, Sinziana has collaborated with several clients including Adobe, Samsung, Maison Margiela and has realized many personal projects. Among them, we decided to present two that in our humble opinion contain all the essence of her photography.

The first is entitled “A tree grows in” and is composed of a series of shots taken on the streets of Los Angeles that show the contrast, fascinating and unsettling at the same time, between flora and architecture. We see individual trees growing in fear on a sidewalk, struggling with all the force against the sun and asphalt, bushes cut sharply to fit the exterior facade of an abandoned building, and yet a palm tree, alone and weak, overhanging a wall.

Trees and bushes lose everything they had natural to become architectural elements that try in every way to save themselves, that ask us for help.

The second project is also the last one realized by Sinziana Velicescu and is entitled “Fabricating Desert“.

If in “A tree grows in” nature became part of the architecture, this time it is the architecture that blends into the landscape and becomes a fundamental part of it. This photographic series was taken in some desert cities in the south-west where the buildings seem to imitate the landscape.

This is not the first time that Sinziana Velicescu has explored the desert, in fact the desert is a place very dear to her, visible in many of her previous projects in which her interest in crumbling, abandoned buildings, traces of human presence such as streets, signs, signs that, with time, become elements of the landscape.

Discover a selection of shots below and find out more about Sinziana Velicescu on her website, on Instagram and on Tumblr.

Written by Giulia Guido
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