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“The Beauty” by Pascal Schelbli reimagines life in the abyss

The contamination of plastic waste in the oceans is a well-known, publicised and still unresolved problem that we will soon have to deal with. But have you ever thought about what the world would be like if the plastic abandoned in the depths came to life?
The Beauty“, the 2019 short film by Pascal Schelbli tries to imagine it and makes us experience a poetic and shocking journey into the depths of the sea.

The Beauty” reimagines the waste in the oceans and tries to put a new face on the world’s rampant plastic pollution. Pascal Schelbli lays bare the insidious effects of microplastics, now an integral part of food chains, particles that are changing the general health of ecosystems with great impact.

This short film takes a new look at waste and, in an anomalous and surprising way, tells of a world where environmental fears and concerns dissolve in the mysterious depths of the sea. Enjoy.


Director: Pascal Schelbli
VFX Supervisor: Marc Angele
Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic, Tina Vest
Rigging TD: Noel Winzen
Underwater Cinematographer: David I. Dincer
Composer: Alexander Wolf David, Petteri Sainio
Sound Design: Robin Harff
Voice Over: Charlie H Gardner
Color Grading: Peter Hacker
Additional Artists: Fynn Große-Bley, Lukas Gotkowski


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“The Beauty” by Pascal Schelbli reimagines life in the abyss