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Barilla’s short film celebrates the origins of carbonara

Today, April 6th is Carbonara Day and Barilla has decided to celebrate it with a short film that traces the origins of the most famous pasta dish in the world.
We are in Rome in 1944 and an Italian cook, played by Claudio Santamaria, meets an American soldier, played by Yonv Joseph, who has a very precise mission: to prepare a special meal for the Allied forces stationed in the city.
In fact, it seems that carbonara was born out of the encounter between Italian pasta and the food the Americans had with them, mainly powdered eggs and bacon.

But Barilla didn’t stop there, and to celebrate the value of sharing, which in Italy more than anywhere else is embodied by a shared meal, it decided to donate a million plates of pasta to Food For Soul, the non-profit organisation founded by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore.

So, starting with Carbonara, Barilla has transformed the name into #CareBonara for this year, reminding us how much even a simple plate of pasta represents the good we want to others.
There’s still time to prepare a plate of Carbonara for your loved ones.


Barilla’s short film celebrates the origins of carbonara