3 essential new albums you should listen to right now
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3 essential new albums you should listen to right now

Claudia Maddaluno
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Helado Negro – This Is How You Smile

Last Friday, Roberto Carlos Lange, better known as Helado Negro, has released his sixth album This Is How You Smile. It’s a record that reminds us why we are fans of his beautiful music: we love the way he reminds us Devendra Banhart as well as the way he leads us exactly in the place where we want to be.
This Is How You Smile offers a view of secret, sunny, and sleepy landscapes mixed with the murky atmosphere of the best folk records, the latin suggestions, bossa nova, and synth-pop.
This Is How You Smile in an album that knows you as well as you know yourself: it knows the arms you want around you, the hand you want to hold, and the way you smile.


Kyle Dion – SUGA

The South Florida-native R&B crooner Kyle Dion makes his wonderful debut with SUGA which arrives three years after his first Painting Sounds EP. Combining funk-infused soul with vibrant R&B and suggestive rap, Dion paints his new colorful sound and makes a remarkable album.
The artist describes the project as “a poetic outlet exploring the intricate complexities Suga endures, as he rises to fame whilst fighting an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.”
Outfitted with 13 tracks total, SUGA doesn’t include any features: there’s only Dion’s dreamy falsetto fighting against his ghosts.


Stella Donnelly – Beware of the Dogs

Stella Donnelly’s first full-length, called Beware of the Dogs, is one of the most delicate albums you will listen to in your life. And it’s just her debut.
The Australian singer-songwriter already released an EP (Thrush Metal, 2017) but on her newest album she can teach everyone how an indie-folk album should sound: intense, gentle, sincere and dreamy.
There are some tracks that make you smile and some others that make you feel a little shiver go down on your spine: her bitter songwriting is sweetened with the breezy guitars and her soothing voice.
We should put this album in a frame.

Artmusicmusic album
Written by Claudia Maddaluno
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