The teaser of the Aladdin remake has been released, in cinemas in 2019

12 October 2018

Almost 30 years after the release of the cartoon that made the world dream, Disney announces the remake of Aladdin with an exceptional genius.

Disney does not stop surprising us and a few hours ago released the teaser of the new Aladdin.

By now the remakes have become a category to all intents and purposes that, in addition to making us relive the stories we loved as children, have an absolute certainty of success, because let’s face it, who would not return to the cinema to review the adventures of Aladdin, Jasmin and Jafar, especially knowing that there could be the Genius of the most sympathetic lamp in history? Yes, the character dubbed by Robin Williams in the cartoon this time is Will Smith.

Next to him, in the role of the protagonist Mena Massoud, as Jasmin the beautiful Naomi Scott and, finally, in the role of the perfidious Jafar there will be Marwan Kenzari. Director Guy Ritchie will tackle the adaptation of the Disney classic from behind the camera.

The teaser takes us back to the Cave of Wonders and, the tiger’s head at the entrance makes all the things clear:

“Only one may enter here”.

The film will be released in American cinemas on 24 May 2019.


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